Video Surveillance

Never before have we had the variety of video surveillance technologies available, as we do today!

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Access Control

Manages and records who went where, when within your facility. A card access control system will assist you in managing alarms and events.

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Burglar Alarm Systems

A burglar alarm protects you from the outside world. It provides asset loss protection from both external and internal threats.

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Free Audit Request

Comprehensive security audits, designed and developed to identify all “weak spots” and safety risks.

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Security Solutions for your Business or Home

Protect your employees and your offices with Guru Security. We offer customized security solutions for any size or sector of your organization. Offering full circle solutions to match your companies specific needs.

Why decide to upgrade your security?

  1. Crime detection
  2. Loss prevention
  3. Quality assurance
  4. False claims
  5. Peace of mind

Guru Security can provide you with a free security audit to show you exactly what you need to protect your assets. We understand that security is essential to your business or home.  Guru Security solutions specializes in giving you security and peace of mind.

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Security is going through some exciting changes and now you can expect much more. You are able to now monitoring your company while on the road through your smart phone or device. Real time video with the click of an app. Easily staying connected while your on important business trips.

Criminal Activity is Happening in our Community, but you do not have to live in fear!

security solutions for your business

Brian McLeish, Our Security Guru and Founder

Why Am I Offering You These Residential and Commercial Security Audits for FREE?

My name is Brian McLeish and I have been in the Security Business for over 20 years. I have been trusted by thousands of customers to help them eliminate their security nightmares. Guru Security provide technology solutions for problems caused by crime. We would like the opportunity to demonstrate what makes us different.

It is important that we come to your site and do a physical security audit. This helps Guru Security prepare a comprehensive security solutions audit explaining what your company may be lacking in security. This process is impossible to accomplish over the telephone, that is why we are offering our no obligation proprietary on-site security audits, free to you.

I would like to encourage you to be educated about criminal activities and learn how to protect your home or business. Our security audit is your starting point. We continue to educate through our newsletter. Sign up to start receiving your free copy today.

Our goal is “Making your world a safer place”.