Guru Security’s Bullet-Proof Guarantee

bulletproof security

The most important component of any security system is the company that stands behind it! That’s why we have put together what we call our Guru Bullet-Proof Guarantee. According to Popular Mechanics Magazine, in 1923, the inventor of a bullet-proof vest, made of silk, had three police officers shoot directly into the vest while he was wearing it.

Can you imagine the courage it took to allow three police officers to shoot you at the same time? Now that is not only confidence in your product, but that is commitment to your clients. Every security company should have the same courage to stand behind their products and services, no matter what!

So when you buy your security system, make sure the company you buy it from has the courage to stand behind the security systems they install with a Bullet-Proof Guarantee!

  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee, We stand behind all our installations by offering a full unconditional refund and removal of our equipment from your premises, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our security system within 6 months of the installation date.
  • Done right the first time, We believe any job worth doing is worth doing right. When our qualified technicians, upgrade or service your security system, you will NEVER pay for an installation or service call more than once.
  • Bullet-Proof Warranty, All our installations come with a full one year, no questions asked, parts & labour warranty.
  • Emergency Service Response, We offer a response within two (2) hours to your emergency service request during regular business hours. Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • False Alarm Fine Guarantee, If you receive a false alarm fine due to our monitoring company dispatch and not caused by you, your personnel, the telephone company or an Act of God, we will represent you in getting the fine null and voided or will pay the fine out of our own pocket.
  • Integrity of our Quoted Pricing, the pricing that we quote will remain firm for our standard consideration term of 45 days unless you request changes or additions to our proposal.

Please compare our documented Bullet-Proof guarantee with any of our competitor’s proposals that you may have received. If no guarantee is documented, check to see if they will honour our points above. If not, your choice of a security provider should be very clear.