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Security for your home or business

Guru Security Inc is Southern Ontario’s commercial security solution provider.  With over 2o years of experience in the industry we know how important it is for your company to be protected.  We are committed to provide companies with industry leading security technologies at a very competitive price.  What sets Guru apart from the rest is our personal approach to security solutions. Our Security Guru will work closely with you to understand your specific risks and then inform you on how to mitigate the risks at a budget that is appropriate. Our security systems help our customers minimize risk and maximize bottom line profits.

Guru Security Inc provides:

  • Preliminary on-site security audit of your business or home
  • Consult the customer on the best solution to fit their budgetary needs.
  • Design the new security solution
  • Installation of the security system
  • Train on how to use the new security equipment
  • Maintain security systems

We are Your Guide to Security System Technology

Today there are hundreds of manufacturers of security systems and components. They support many different technologies and make many claims. At Guru Security we have the knowledge, experience and the desire to guide our customers. Our goal is to create long term successful relationships through satisfied customers.


Our  logo represents the three main systems that we provide video surveillance, access control and alarm. These systems can be integrated for ease of use which is represented by the overlapping circles. 

Cost Effective Solutions

Guru Security Inc offers cost effective solutions, and design security system solutions that suit your budget.   There has never been a  better time to invest in the security of your company or home. Let A Guru Security professional to come to your place of business to complete a comprehensive security audit FREE of charge. 

If you would like to speak about how you can save money on your security please fill out the form below.