Access Control
This system manages the flow of people into and within your space. In simple terms the system manages and records who, went where, when within your facility. A card access control system will assist you in managing alarms and events.

The problem with keys

This system has many benefits to simply using keys. With keys you can never know how many unauthorized copies have been made, or who is holding them. If you lose a traditional key, the only way to maintain security is to change all the locks that it can access. Imagine the cost of losing an entire ring of keys, necessitating the replacement of multiple locks at your site. When a key is lost, you have to assume the worst case scenario. Traditional keys make it impossible to log entries to your sites. No record or report can be generated. Keys always work, even when you dont want them to. There are probably few legitimate reasons why a site needs to be accessed on Sundays at 3 a.m., but you cant restrict access times with traditional keys.

Additional benefits of Access Control Systems

    • Provides a visual deterrent to criminals
    • Provides perception of increased safety for your employees and visitors
    • Operates 24/7 365 days a year
    • Records security events providing who, when, where
    • Centrally manages access to your whole facility
    • Provides report for individual card holder activity within your facility
    • Allows for advanced door hardware such as electric strikes and maglocks
    • Monitoring functions for many remote locations can be centralized in a single control room

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