security cameraMost of our security camera installations at Guru Security are of the traditional overt type. This means that the cameras are visible and provide a deterrent to crime. Some of our customers want the cameras to be hidden from view or a covert installation. Most of these cameras take on the look or form factor of something common. The best example of this is a motion sensor camera. We like the motion sensor because it has the ability to swivel to provide the best view at installation. These motion sensor cameras also have undetectable Infra-Red illumination providing black and white video in total darkness. Smoke detectors are another commonly used example.

Pinhole cameras give us the flexibility to hide the camera and get more creative. It can be hidden in a picture frame or picture. We have also hidden them in ceiling tiles for an aerial view of a room. The tile is carved out so the lens is just above the ceiling tile surface. See picture on the left. The holes and blemishes in the ceiling tile make the pinhole camera blend right in and cannot be identified as a camera. Can you find the camera in the picture on the right? No, it is not the obvious black dot near the air vent. It is actually located in the center of the ceiling tile.

camera on floorhidden camera

These hidden cameras now provide colour, full HD 2.1 megapixel quality for a great picture. Call us today if you would like to learn more about hidden cameras.