security system fails child

Elijah Marsh, missing child escaped apartment.

We were all recently horrified by the Elijah Marsh tragedy. If somehow you missed the story, you can read about it here Read article about Elijah here. . This is story about child safety. Where children leave the home without parental knowledge. Unfortunately this is a very common problem and almost every mother can relate with a personal story. Special needs children are even more likely to leave the home without parental knowledge. Autistic children for instance are 50% more likely to do so. Home care givers for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s are also vulnerable to this problem.

There has been a lot of talk on how to best prevent similar tragedies. Chains mounted high on the door is one suggestion but most children learn very early to drag over a chair or something to climb on and reach the chain. Child proof locks is another suggestion but preventing your children’s ability to leave in case of fire is not a good strategy.

The best solution is the use of a Home Security System. There are a couple of ways a Home Intrusion Alarm System sometimes called a Burglar Alarm can help.
1. Most come with a chime feature that can be turned on. When doors or windows are opened a chime can be heard from the keypad. Surprising most Mother’s ears get finely tuned to the sound and are instantly alerted that someone has opened a door or window.
2. Turning on the system in a stay mode is the best solution when going to sleep or doing noisy activities like vacuuming. This setting turns on the system and protects the perimeter including doors and windows. The motion sensors are not turned on to allow movement within the home. If a young child or a senior opens a door or window to leave, the system will go into alarm and the siren with sound alerting the parents or home care givers.
A timely response to this problem is critical for the safety of your loved ones. Home Security Systems not only protect you from the bad guys but keep the family safe in your home.

Brian McLeish Owner Guru Security