Utilize security camera to manage your companies productivity

Utilize security camera to manage your companies productivity

Video Surveillance as a Management Productivity Tool

Today with the cost of ownership greatly reduced, video surveillance is being used for much more than to deter and record security events. Savvy Managers are using video to maximize their productivity. A glance at their monitor can provide situational awareness of the employees in the facility. No longer do you have to carry the “big stick” for enforcement, the video system modifies undesirable behavior.

 Management’s biggest challenge is attempting to modify undesirable behavior.

  • late shift start and early shift end times
  • excessive break and lunch times
  • smartphone usage during work hours
  • non-productive PC usage on social media i.e. Facebook
  • safety violations i.e. unsafe activity

When employees know their actions are being viewed and recorded, they are much more likely to come forward and admit negative events or accidents. Management has more awareness and time to resolve the problem.

Shipping areas are another concern

– view and record events such as tow-motor operators damaging inventory.

– view and track inventory as it enters and is stored in your warehouse.

– view and record materials delivered at shipping docks to confirm amounts received.

– ensure delivery drivers have chock blocked the rig’s tires for safety.

Remote access to your video surveillance system via your smartphone or home PC provides all these benefits even when you are off-site.

Brian McLeish Owner Guru Security