DIY Video Surveillance Problems

The old joke “if you think it is expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur” still rings true. It is human nature to seek cost savings but Video Surveillance is much more complicated than most people initially think. Many of our customers have tried to install the inexpensive video surveillance packages bought at the big box stores first, only to have problems or be unhappy with the results and find they need help. Sorry, but I cannot assist with DIY equipment problems. I am a Security Professional and cannot risk jeopardizing my reputation with poorly functioning DIY grade equipment. We provide a “Bullet-Proof” guarantee with our solutions. See link Click here to read our bullet proof guarantee

Here are a few of the problems you may encounter with DIY grade equipment.

  • Poor to no support for technical issues. You are left reading poorly written manuals.
  • Cannot get the system to function properly, basic functions like recording video, and saving event clips or snapshots.
  • Pre-sized cables may not be long enough or are too long.
  • Cable and connectors are not professional grade.
  • Cameras are made with very cheap imagers. Cameras have issues with bright light and low light scenes especially when both are in the same scene.
  • Setting up remote viewing from your smartphone.
  • Port forwarding on your router.
  • All cameras are not the same. Camera lens does not suit the scene required.

Video Surveillance Professionals will “listen to understand” what you are trying to achieve with a camera system. They will recommend the best technology and installation methods to suit your needs and budget.

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Brian McLeish Owner Guru Security