Restaurant Security How to Keep Your Eatery Safe and SecureWhen you own a restaurant, you understand that your business is vulnerable to multiple security issues, including employee theft, burglary, and armed robbery. Those are just a few of the reasons why it is so important to have sufficient restaurant security in place. This will help you protect yourself, your employees and your customers.
Unfortunately, protecting your inventory and assets is no easy task. However, some tips can help you along the way.

Install a Burglar Alarm system. The keypad and window stickers provide a visible deterrent to crime. Properly designed this system will prevent burglars attacking after hours. Motion sensors backing up entrance doors helps to reduce false alarms and unwanted Police charges. Discreet panic buttons located at the cash and safe areas protect against armed robbery and violent customers. Panic buttons located in coolers and freezers protect staff if locked in. Open/close reports emailed to you weekly allow monitoring of who opened/closed and if at the proper times. They also notify you about access after-hours when employee theft maybe occurring. You will be notified about AC power shortages that may affect your operation and inventory. When enabled the door chime can notify staff that customers have entered.

Install a Video Surveillance system. Cameras provide a visible deterrent to crime. Video is recorded to provide evidence of criminal activity. Employee theft is prevented when they know their activity is being recorded. Cameras at the cash register reduce theft at the point of sale. Recorded video can protect you from fraudulent slip and fall claims. Remote access to the video system via your mobile phone, tablet or PC allow you to look in to verify Burglar alarms. Remote access is a great Management Productivity Tool to monitor your business or multiple locations without the need to travel.

We currently service over fifty restaurant locations and understand the security threats owners are facing today.