James Q Wilson, the Author of the Broken Windows Theory, stated: “what really made people afraid in cities and concerned about their welfare, was not only the crimes they saw or heard about, but also the physical and social signs they saw around them, registering a breakdown in society”


Aside from the obvious economic costs and loss of social and economic activity, undesired and not removed graffiti sends a strong message, that private property is not respected and no one cares. In order to correct this perception, it is vital that you clear graffiti from your property as soon as possible. In fact it is the law and the Owner of the building has been notified to remove it. Now it’s up to Westbank the owner to clean up the building’s facade. And according to Global News, Westbank now has security guards and cameras in place to help deter others from vandalizing Honest Ed’s.


How to Prevent Graffiti

– Install security cameras

– Restrict access to structures, i.e. fences and gates

– Paint surfaces in dark colours

– Protect your walls with a protective coating

– Insure that your facility has adequate outdoor lighting